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Hi, I am Angelique

I support promising startups and scale-ups from all over the world with building high-performing organizations and winning teams

Your team is key to building a successful startup.

I guide startup founders in different phases with their challenges on (first time) leadership, teambuilding, maintaining and building their unique culture, and setting up people processes and structures.

With my holistic and results driven approach, combined with a strong vision of the Future of Work and the needs of the 21st-century organization, we work together on building amazing startups that are fully equipped to reach their goals.

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It is all about the right people, working together in the right way

Some of your challenges:

  • Become an inspiring leader
  • Attract and maintain the best talents out there
  • Build a highly engaged team
  • And an awesome culture
  • Design a scalable organization
  • Manage quick growth

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My blog is about best practises of startup cultures, tips and business cases, 21st century organisational concepts, the future of work, remote teams, and leadership for startups and tech companies.

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