The Future of Work is Freedom

Work is no longer a place to go to, but something to do

Offices are no longer necessary and we can work from anywhere. Working from home, a coffeeshop, your summerhouse or even while traveling the world. Remote working will be the new norm for digital workers.

Today’s talents are no longer looking for a career, but for experiences. They want to travel, live in other places for a while, and explore their talents and create awesome things.

The Future of Work is doing meaningful work, in a company culture with high levels of freedom, responsibility and trust.

  • Talents can work from anywhere and are stimulated to have a healthy work/life balance
  • Employment is based on partnership and equality
  • People take responsibility for their results and added value
  • People are treated with respect and as responsible adults
  • Work adds value to life and has purpose
  • Team members have a strong connection
  • Communication is based on respect and equality
  • The organisation is flat and based on added values, skills and expertise needed for the project
  • The company is transparent on goals, results and salaries
  • Management and peers are aimed at stimulating personal and professional development

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