At Hole19 we were at a point where we had to redefine our core values & purpose. We brought Angelique in to help uncover this through a team session and kick-start the process of our Culture Team. It was a very productive session and our Core Values and Purpose are now an integral part of our hiring process and day-to-day activities within the company.

Anthony Douglas
Founder and CEO of Hole19, Lisbon

Took me a while to find the right answer to Angelique’s simple question. But a few days later it inspired me so much during one of those pricing discussions that usually go wild in a startup environment. Amazing!

Francisco Besso
Investor and Founder and CEO of Tripwix, Lisbon


It was very useful, pleasant and inspiring to work with Angelique in preparing the agenda for our annual team meeting. I especially liked her input for our workshop to create our ultimate transformative purpose with the team. Angelique contributed to our best team event since founding.

Michael Rohmeder
CEO and Founder of Equippo, Netherlands/Switserland


I just want to thank you so much for spending your time with me. Our call was really helpful in so many ways. I also want to say that it was very important to connect with you to understand the “big picture”. Hope we can work together in the future, I know your experience could be the energy we need to be ahead of other companies.Claudia Texeira
Office and HR Manager, Platforme, Portugal/UK


You did a great job in helping me figure out the purpose of my business and the values that drive it. In just one session we were able to see which people and partners do align to my business and which not. The result of the work we did is that I am clear on my mission and know exactly what people will help me develop my business and which not. This is a very valuable lesson for any startup or entrepreneur who wants to have progress for its business. Thanks a lot!Ute Klingelhöfer
Founder and CEO, Contentwerk, Germany


A year ago I started my business to support startups and make the world a bit better. Unfortunately, I started to lose the overall mission of my projects over the course of the time. Angelique stepped in and brought me back on track. During her program, we could shape an even stronger vision and show the team for what it`s worth to fight for. She revealed bottlenecks that got completely neglected and reinforced our purpose Florian Hübner
Founder, Startup Creator, Berlin


Thank you very much, Angelique! it’s been a pleasure! Not only a pleasure but an inspiration. We now know how we can increase engagement and happiness in our team. Carmina Villar
Operations Manager, Tick Translations, Barcelona


After this first session with Angelique, I am now clear on what I really want my startup to look like and realized the fundamentals that I need to make my startup successful. Now I know the type of people I want in my team and as investors. Caroline Balinska
Founder, Australia


Fast and thorough assessment resulting in a good and realistic rapport and presentation. Our organization will grow and benefit by implementing some of the presented solutions and advises Arnaut de Rijk
COO, QDelft, The Netherlands


Angelique is able to answer practical business cases and problems with inspiring insights and best practices. On top of that, you’ll find that one of her strengths is implementing new ways of working. She offers a fresh and creative view on both work and organizations while keeping a sharp focus on business results and margins at the same time. Sietse Kingma
Founder, Bambuu, The Netherlands


I really appreciated getting input from Angelique to assess our organization and our business processes. She was able to translate our problems and ambitions to workable adjustments and made a clear overview of the next steps as well. Bas van Petten
Founder, Bambuu, The Netherlands


Angelique really helped us to take a step back from reality and create a dream image of our work thus allowing us to define a vision and develop a roadmap to pursue that vision. It has given us a better view of ourselves and our unique position in the organization and it allowed us to re-focus on ourselves as a team that can develop its own vision.  Klaas de Boer
Operations Manager, Getronics Global Services, Amsterdam


In 2013 I was starting a new career running an arts space in Cairo. Angelique helped me a lot in writing a strong mission statement, putting a solid vision and breaking my bigger tasks into smaller ones and work on accomplishing them. When she went back to The Netherlands, she kept on guiding me through a well organized Skype session during which she asked me mind evolving questions. Afterwards, she sent me a document with the main points we discussed and more beneficial advice. I would highly recommend Angelique and PinQ consult for managers and startupsYahia Khelidy
Project Manager, Qabila, Cairo

As HR Business Partner Angelique was able to advise the Board on HR Strategy and Organisational aspects which has significantly supported our business success. Angelique is very reliable and a pleasure to work withAndreas Ziegenhain
CEO Getronics, Amsterdam

Angelique is a talented and intelligent consultant. Angelique has a lot of experience in different organizations. She books and the results she books in short periods of time prove that she is of great added value. Angelique is result-oriented, solution-oriented, persistent and a very pleasant sparring (at different levels). Angelique is a passionate person who also realizes its goals under difficult circumstances. Angelique has strong analytical skills and has a clear focus on strategic and organizational issues within organizations with an eye for detail. I have come to know Angelique as a very pleasant person who communicates openly. In addition, she has a great sense of humor. I have learned a lot from her and would like to work with her again if the opportunity arises.Diana Kelder
HR Manager, The Netherlands

Angelique is the most self-starting person I know. She is full of energy and ideas. She is someone who gets things done even under difficult circumstances, because of her perseverance and ability to convince other people. Angelique has broad experience in different organizations and jobs, which has proven to be valuable. 
As a colleague, I will miss her strong natural ability for coaching.Babette van Poppel
Adviseur Human Resources, The Netherlands